Getting Free Advertising Online

In hard times it is nice to get something for nothing – How about advertising your business online for free just by taking a few minutes of your day to complete your details on a range of business listing sites. Starting with Google’s Local Business listings the Free Advertising Article on will get you started with step by step instructions. Visit the article.

Negative/Excluded Keywords in Yahoo Search Marketing

One of the many painful things about using Yahoo Search Marketing (when you are used to Adwords) is finding out how to exclude keywords or phrases from triggering your adverts. For example if you bid on ink but only sell red and blue ink you might wish to exclude green orange etc. Not a particularly good example but slightly better than widgets.

Unfortunately what is really simple in adwords (add a keyword/phrase with a minus (-) sign in front) takes 7 or 8 clicks on Yahoo SM. This video takes you though the clicks needed to find the right place.

PS. If you were bidding on Ink I would have a very long list of negative keywords or the traffic is going to be very poor quality

[sniplet 3minvideosignup]

Adding Google Maps To Your Website

If you take a look at our contact us page you will notice we have added a google map of our location right into the web page. Despite having a nice little guide book free with a Sunday paper (a mini ‘Dummies’  guide) this was no task for a dummy. While it did not take long, it was by no means straight forward.

Initially I added a little popup with our opening times on which was fun, now feeling brave I have added the ‘to here’ and ‘from here’ directions links, which is much more useful. I will create a little ‘how to’  video but it may be beyond the average business person.

Google – you still have some work to do on this to make it accessible to the non-techie designer, even  a techie had problems!

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