Dance connectionRob Wilson has been looking after our website for the past eighteen months ensuring that potential clients can find us through major search engines.

Here at Dance Connection we have been offering courses and lessons since 1989 to people who want to learn to dance.  For a long time we relied on advertising in Yellow Pages and in newspapers and magazines but with the expansion of the Internet we had to drag ourselves into the 21st century!

We approached a web designer who designed our website but as they didn’t have any knowledge of how to ensure we would be listed on the search engines the website was not being seen by any potential customers!

As our IT knowledge is extremely limited (to say the least) we knew we had to find someone to help us –  and fast  – as we were relying on another dance website to send us leads at considerable cost.

Rob Wilson was recommended to us by one of our suppliers and since we have been dealing with Rob our business has gone from strength to strength.  We no longer rely on anyone else sending us leads and we opened a full time studio in January of this year.

Rob has been fantastic to deal with – he is extremely reliable – he always offers advice and solutions for any problems we encounter and he is very tolerant of our lack of expertise in the internet world. 

Having Rob on board I feel confident that we can continue to reach our potential clientele and continue to expand our business and hope that he will be looking after us for as long as we are in business. 

If we hadn’t been introduced to Rob Wilson I am certain that we would be finding things extremely difficult now and I would be finding it hard to sleep at night!

Jocelyn Young



Our work involved Search Engine Optimisation, creating a lead generation system and Google Advertising. Recently the original site for search engine optimisation is no longer available to the client and the new site has had little search engine optimisation performed on it. During the problems with their site changing names the lead generation system has carried on working and producing more leads for their business and at present there is no need for any further optimisation on the new site.

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