Website Design Widths – Fixed or Variable – Is it important?

One of the traps for website owners to fall into is not having the right basic design. There are two main designs to handle different screen widths and it is important that you understand the choice that is normally being made for you by your designer. It is a trap because designers often fall in love with a choice that might not be right for you but feels good for them to produce as it is technically challenging. This Four Minute Video is highlights the issue.

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Website Quality – What have you bought?

Another 3 minute video (which lasts 5 minutes!) about website quality. The issue for a lot of business owners is they don’t understand about what happens under bonnet/hood of their website. If your website looks ok will it perform well. The quality of the programming, the way the site has been constructed all affects how well your site works on the search engines or what your site looks like when people use different versions of Internet Explorer or a different browser altogether. Simply put one way for a web designers to cut their costs is to not check on different browsers, not check the code quality and use quick and dirty construction methods. It is fine but it has consequences and as a business owner you should know what you are buying. Unfortunately a lot of web designers don’t even realise they are not doing their best work.

Resources: webceo and htmlhelp
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Autoresponders – An Introduction

This 3 minute video introduces Autoresponders a very useful tool for automating customer contacts and collecting names and contact details of potential clients. I was trying a new way of recording the videos today which meant I couldn’t see the timer so I am sorry to say this video slipped to over 5 mins.

References: aweber

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